Japanese Western Stationery Gallery

Japanese Western Stationery Works Gallery
It is a page of the work gallery of Shin kobo.
Since it is an original handmade workshop, a pleasant work is born by encountering a wonderful cloth. You may receive a request with the fabric of the memories. I made this page as a memory of the work of the present article that is not intended for sale.
Works that can be sold will be posted on the online shop page. If you would like to see it, please see it.
In addition, because it is a workshop to enjoy japanese cloth, if you can provide the fabric of your choice, you can create the same work only one for you!

 1. Business cards & card boxes

 2. Watecho

 3. Book

 4. Notebook & Notebook Cover

 5. Smartphone Cover

 6. Sachets

 7. Greeting Cards

 8. Bookmark & Strap

 9. Ticket & Wallet

 10. Pocket paper

 11. Material file

 12. Sheet music file

 13. Pleasant Stationery

 14. Pollen Measures Goods

 15. "Life-long"

 20. Other works