My Handmade 100

20210804first edition

 My Handmade 100

The relationship between the way I enjoy "My Handmade 100" and the work of Shin kobo is important. The theme of Shinkobo is to enjoy Japanese cloth. Unlike the general mail order Shop, mass production mass production is not the purpose (of course, it is not possible to do in the one-person business), so you can offer original works that can be made by making use of the fabric and end cloth of the memories on hand. Or to provide something that is not commercially available (something useful that you may not be looking for in the market). It's a common story that "I want it but there's nothing that fits." Then make it! There are a lot of such people. I am the same.

During this time since we started our workshop and in the future, we have had wonderful relationships with clients that will be memorable. A number of unique works made up of many wonderful connections. There is a fun story and friendship continues. It is a "100 selections!" with two "memories ..." at the beginning. In the future, I'm sure there will be "200 selections! ..."
First of all, we will introduce 100 selections.

 001Work 9S1

 002Op. 1S1

 003Work 2S1

 004Op. 12S1

 005Op. 15S1

 006Work 20S1

 007Work 3S1

 008Work 2S7

 009Op. 1CS1

 010Op. 14S1

 011Op. 12S2

 012Op. 9S band 5

 013Work 2S2

 014Op. 11S3

 015Op. 11S2

 016Op. 10BS1

 017Op. 9S Band 2

 018Op. 9S Band 3

 019Work 7A4 Purple

 020Op. 6D6

 021Op. 3AS2

 022Work 1CLS2

 023Op. 1A11L

 024Op. 6B1 Purple

 025Op. 5C1

 026Op. 5A2

 027Op. 4B1

 028Work 4B5

 029Work 3S5

 030Op. 3A8

 031Work 4A8

 032Op. 5A13

 033Op. 5B1

 034Op. 6A1

 035Work 7B4

 036Op. 8A1

 037Op. 10A1

 038Op. 11A3

 039Op. 11A6

 040Op. 12AD1Black

 041Op. 13A1

 042Op. 13A9

 043Op. 14C7

 044Work 14D29~32

 045Op. 15A1

 046Op. 15A2

 047Work 20S2

 048Op. 20S3

 049Work 20S4

 050Op. 20S5