How to use

We will inform you about the SHOP of Shin Kobo below.

The works that can be sold by Shinkobo will be uploaded to our online chop sup for a while.
(2) Please contact us on the "Application and Inquiries" page for works that you are interested in in the works posted on this website. If the fabric on the "Fabric Sample" page has stock, almost all works can be produced. Please contact the "Product Code" or "Fabric Code" described in the image. ... We will contact you in the future for the creation of the product, the price, the period of delivery.
(3) The actual stores other than online are as follows: It is the exhibition sale only of the limited work, but you can take it in real hand and see it.
A Kyobashi Edgran B1... "Stylish Edo-cho Series" in Chuo-ku Tourist Information Center
B Hakone Ashinoko... Inside the Narikawa Museum of Art 1F Gallery Shop "Ticket WalletCase"
C Ginza 4-chome... Yamano Musical Instruments Head Office 3F Sheet Music Floor "Wafu's Sheet Music Cover & Sheet Music"
D Nihonbashi Taoto... Nihonbashi Tourist Office "Nihonbashi Business Card Case"
(4) Online chops other than this website are as follows: It is scheduled to be published for a while only the work limited according to the feature of the site.
E Tuskuk... Handmade Yushin Kobo "Paused" closed
F Sankei NetShop... Handmade Yushin Kobo "Men's & Women's Business Card Case"
G ETSY... TezukuriCraftShin " Under construction " Scheduled to start soon